What We Do


ThinkShop offers consulting solutions to help you bridge the gap between Idea and Execution, through solutions that include…


1. Project Scope Definition – What, How & Linkages
2. User Experience (UX) Design
3. Project Mentoring & Project Management
4. Customer Engagement Strategy – Offline & Online
5. Custom Workshops & Training


ThinkShop is vendor-neutral and platform-neutral in its approach, and offers real advantages over traditional/digital-only outfits.

Our strengths lie in our understanding of Business needs, our ability to simplify Technology, and a deep appreciation of what customers *really* want.


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Naveen Bachwani – Founder and CEO of ThinkShop – is an expert in Customer Engagement and Digital Strategy, and has been working with Internet-based technology since its early days in India.
He brings more than two decades of experience across large-scale enterprises, mid-sized firms and startups, including leadership assignments in Business Innovation, Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement.


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“The customer’s perception is your reality”

Kate Zabriskie


“Naveen has a uncanny ability to envisage what the client wants and convert it into meaningful recommendations.”

Vice President & Head – Product Development at MOSL
Also, Client of ThinkShop

“Naveen has an exceptional grasp of technology and its applications… A very creative individual with outstanding problem solving skills.”

Chief – Human Resources at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
Also, Client of ThinkShop


Bridge the gap between Idea and Execution...

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