1. Is ThinkShop a consulting firm or a digital agency?

Since we work at the intersection of Technology & Business, we understand that we occupy a unique space in the business landscape.

Think of us as being fluent in multiple languages. That means, we can talk technology with your IT team or outsourced IT shop, talk business with your business heads & product managers, and talk marketing with your social media or creative agency.

If you already have a digital agency, we can work with them to implement the strategy we design in collaboration with you. If you need help identifying an agency, we can work with you on that front too – recommending a few that we know, and helping you evaluate one objectively.


2. But, I already have an agency. Do I still need you?

We don’t call ourselves “digital natives”, and there’s a good reason for that.

We don’t believe that your customers spend all their lives online. That is why every online initiative must be rooted in business fundamentals, and focused on improving engagement with your customer – not merely chasing the latest fad or ‘killer app’.

We pride ourselves on being vendor-neutral. That means, we don’t earn our money by pushing new media, irrespective of your needs. We also have a strong foundation in “Business Process Excellence”, so any solution we design already takes into account process linkages. This ensures that the new product or service is not created in a silo, works within your environment and is future-ready.

3. I thought a good “User Experience” was a matter of subjective opinion.

Well, yes and no. There is some subjectivity involved, but mostly, there is a good deal of science behind getting it right.

Yes, there is a body of work called Usability Engineering, filled with concepts like “affordance”, “personas” and “information architecture”, and we help you make sense of it all. (For example, there is a right time to use a check-box control versus a drop-down list.) But, User Experience is not just about the principles of good design, it is about understanding all the customer touchpoints and aligning them with your digital presence, so that they are consistent, accessible and a pleasure to deal with.

When you get it done right, not only does it look better, it works better, and saves you & your customers precious time and money!


4. I want a Social Media presence for my firm. Can you help?

Of course, we can! Whether you start with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or blogs, will depend on your business context. Whether or not you should start a Social Media powered customer service channel, will depend on the evolution and strengths of your Customer Service organization. Whichever route you take, our approach is to focus on sustenance, and the realization of your business goals.

Once your goals are clearly articulated, “ThinkShop” can work with you to design and deploy a comprehensive Social Media strategy for your customers and stakeholders. We are quite flexible in working with existing agencies & vendors, as needed. What we bring to the table is the directional guidance that will drive your adoption of Social Media, to help you reach your business objectives.