ThinkShop helps you bridge the gap between Idea and Execution…


Will it get done the way you imagined?
Will it be future-proof or scalable?
Many such questions abound…


It is not enough to identify a suitable agency or implementation partner to design an improved version of your website or mobile app. The truth is, engaging with customers in an always-on, interconnected world requires an understanding of not only who they are and their needs & wants, but also a grasp of how Technology can be leveraged to bring them “value” in every interaction with your organization or brand.

ThinkShop offers a range of solutions at the intersection of Technology & Marketing, resulting in real advantages over traditional/digital-only outfits. Every module is optional and available independently, so that you have the flexibility you need, to meet your objectives.



1. Project Scope Definition

TS_smallA business organization is often clear about the direction it wants to take to improve status quo, but is not always informed about the steps involved in the execution of its plans. That’s where we come in.

ThinkShop understands your business goals, and helps you meet them

ThinkShop works with clients to articulate its vision in a manner than lends itself to implementation by internal or external resources. This means defining…

  • Who is the Target Audience?
  • What is the Primary Business Goal?
  • What is needed? How will it work?
  • How will it link with existing systems & processes?

This is, typically, the first step while undertaking a complex project, and often precedes the selection of vendors. This step is crucial for both customer-facing and internal projects, and often becomes the differentiator between projects that succeed and ones that go into oblivion.

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2. User Experience (UX) DesignTS_small

User Experience means more than just “ease of use” – your customers can only be satisfied when their goals, tasks and requirements are all met with ease. Therefore, a good UX is really about a great “Customer Experience” (CX!)…

ThinkShop keeps the customer at the focus of the solution, then leads the team to design and build it

The scope of work includes recommendations on…

  • User Personas
  • Branding & Nomenclature
  • User Task Flows
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design & Mobile Responsive Design
  • Aligning Offline Channels to Online

This module can be deployed to enhance the UX/CX for existing systems & processes, or ones that have yet to be designed. Identification of the target audience is key, and the application of Usability Engineering tools drive this stage of the project.

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3. Project Mentoring / Project Management

TS_smallNew initiatives typically start off as a “project” in the organization, and project teams often struggle with limited resources in terms of time and skill availability. Project Mentoring by highly-skilled professionals can go a long way in reducing the learning curve and eliminating early-stage mistakes that can cost precious time and effort to fix.

ThinkShop brings advanced Project Management capabilities to the team

We work with project teams to provide the necessary oversight and course-correction required, so that the project schedule stays on track and the business objectives are met. A strong foundation in Six Sigma and Process Excellence ensures that every project we mentor, takes into account process linkages across the system.

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4. Customer Engagement Strategy

If you are not getting the results you want from your existing Marketing efforts, you may need a better plan!

ThinkShop takes a multi-channel approach to Customer Engagement

We assess the present state of Marketing Communications across channels, and recommend measures of improvement to create a unified Engagement Strategy. This includes…

  • Aligning Communication Strategy across offline and online
  • Improving Segmentation & Content Strategy
  • Optimizing Landing Pages & Call-to-Actions

The goal here is to design a Customer Lifecycle program to engage with your customers throughout their relationship, with consistent and relevant messages going out to them in a timely manner. The scope of work includes introducing new channels of communication, and making improvements in the brief given to your service providers.

Our strength lies in our ability to wear the “customer hat”, along with decades of experience in crafting high-quality Marketing assets.

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5. Workshops & TrainingTS_small

ThinkShop also offers Training programs to ensure that your team members are equipped with the skills they need to sustain business initiatives:

We also conduct a range of custom workshops for organizations of all shape and size, on topics that include:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Design Thinking
  • Process Excellence, and
  • Understanding Social Media


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“You’ve got to start with the customer experience,
and work back towards the technology – not the other way around.”

Steve Jobs

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