Design Thinking and Innovation

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Having spent more than twenty years (as an internal or external consultant) addressing a variety of business problems for both clients and employers, I do know a thing or two about “Design Thinking”. In fact, my consulting outfit – … Read More

Startup India: Taking Stock

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Last month, Mint did a feature on Hits and Misses in the Indian Startup universe. It was a great opportunity to take stock of reality, since most of what we read about in the mainstream media is a function of … Read More

Building a Personal Brand

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Last month, I had the pleasure of addressing a bunch of entrepreneurs at a conference called “Breaking Barriers” on ‘Building a Personal Brand’. It’s a topic that is relevant not just to entrepreneurs, but also to owners of small-medium organizations … Read More

Just The Beginning

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ThinkShop completed 3 eventful years, last month. In that time, we have been fortunate to work with a number of clients on a variety of interesting projects, through solutions that spanned Technology, Business and Marketing. We helped design the User Experience of … Read More

India – Three Countries

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A few days ago, Founding Fuel posted a cogent piece by Haresh Chawla on How India’s digital economy can rediscover its mojo. In it, Chawla speaks about the current crisis of confidence surrounding the digital economy and the so-called unicorns. It’s a great piece … Read More

Digital Impact: A Closer Look

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  This post first appeared on YourStory in July 2016…   Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today; In 1995, it was less than 1%. KPCB’s 2016 Internet Trends report pegged India as the second largest Internet user-base … Read More

Communication Design Essentials

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ThinkShop works with many clients in the domain of Marketing Strategy. And, “marketing” comes down to Communication Design that works. It’s not really rocket science, but most folks still seem to get it wrong. If you’re new to it, here are 7 simple … Read More

Startup Perils

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Yes, India’s startup scene is currently witnessing what can only be called “rush hour”. Yes, everyone and his cousin seems to have a startup idea, and is on his way to get funded. Yes, the co founders of Flipkart and … Read More

Startup Success Myths

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Rahul Varshenya makes a cogent argument in the Huffington Post on Why You Shouldn’t Emulate Silicon Valley for Startup Success: Don’t make the mistake of imbibing what you hear coming from the mouths of the Silicon Valley behemoths for there … Read More

The New Gold Rush

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  The time is right, they say. Any one and every one is launching a startup. In fact, billion-dollar valuations are fast-becoming the norm! Just look at Flipkart and Snapdeal…   Like most of you, we too are bombarded each day by the … Read More