20+ man-years of Cross-Functional experience
Real advantages over traditional/digital-only outfits
‘Customer-First’ approach to every business problem



Our clients call on us with one of two objectives in mind:

  1. Add to their team’s bandwidth
  2. Outsource skill gaps in the team

Think of us as being fluent in multiple languages. That means, we can talk “technology” with your IT team or outsourced IT shop, talk “business” with your business heads & product managers, and talk “marketing” with your social media or creative agency.

We work with your team, on your side of the table, to ensure that you achieve your business objectives.


Our Strengths

1. Vendor-Neutrality: We can work with the resources of your choice, or help you identify the resources you need.

2. Platform-Neutrality: We work across a diverse range of platforms, regardless of the Technology they employ.

Our strengths lie in our understanding of Business needs, our ability to simplify Technology & Processes, and a deep appreciation of what customers really want.

Our Approach

For us, Technology is the means to an End, not an end in itself. Hence, we do not regard ourselves as “digital natives”.

Our ability to wear the “Customer Hat”, provides a useful and unique perspective that helps you make your offerings significantly more engaging to your customers.

A strong foundation in Six Sigma ensures that any solution we design already takes into account its process linkages, and is not created in a silo.


Engagement Models

We can work with you on…

  • Project Basis
  • Retainer Basis or
  • As an Advisor-on-Board

If you already have a team, we can work with them to implement the strategy.

If you need help identifying a creative/digital agency, we can work with you on that front too – recommending a few that we know, and helping you evaluate one objectively.




Customer Speak

Read about client/employer experiences in their own words


“Naveen has a uncanny ability to envisage what the client wants and convert it into meaningful recommendations.”

VP & Head – Product Development at Motilal Oswal Securities
Also, Client of ThinkShop

“Naveen is a thorough professional with a very clear thought process… His understanding of customer behaviour is excellent.”

Director – Master Capital Services
Also, Client of ThinkShop


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